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Dr. Russo's extensive experience in the fields of neurology and sleep disorder has led him to write a number of books, articles, and chapters discussing his research. We have a complete bibliography of his works available for your perusal in case you would like to read up on his research.


Dense Array EEG is being used clinically in only a dozen centers in the United States because the technique requires complex equipment and highly specialized training. Dr. Russo is one of the few qualified to use it, and the only Hawaii provider. Get in touch with us today for your service.

The DEEG may be used to create a map of an individual's thought patterns and cognitive processing capabilities.


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Proven Quality Allopathic Medicine

Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic of Honolulu, HI is an independent, private clinic, not affiliated with any hospitals or health care organizations. You might ask, what makes us unique?


We make house calls when our patients are unable to travel to the office. We travel to Kona and to Hilo, so that patients with frailties, who can not easily travel, can be seen in their own neighborhoods.    


Because we are not constrained by the often excessive administrative oversight seen in hospital-based medical practices, and we can acquire and use the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, we can apply both natural medicine techniques with traditional allopathic medical techniques.


We can also provide personalized service in an era where physicians are too often aloof and distant from their patients.


The most important component of our uniqueness is having Dr. Michael Russo. Dr. Russo obtained his bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University. He obtained his medical degree from The Chicago Medical School. He trained in Psychiatry at New York Medical College’s Metropolitan Hospital Center in Manhattan, New York.


He trained in Neurology at New York University’s Bellevue Medical Center, at the Manhattan Veteran’s Hospital, at the National Institutes of Health Intramural Epilepsy Program, and at the Hospital For Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queens Square, London, England.


He trained in Sleep Disorders Medicine at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. His 34 years in the United States Army trained him to treat each patient as his brother, son, daughter, mother, or father.