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Meet Dr. Russo

Dr. Michael B. Russo, neurologist, brought to Hawaii its VERY first and only Dense-Array EEG (DEEG), a form of EEG with 128 listening posts as compared to the traditional EEG with only 32. This state of the art technology is available only here at Hawaii Pacific DEEG. The DEEG may be used to detect, characterize, and localize conditions and brain injuries in patients previously considered normal.

After 34 years in the US Army, Dr. Russo has opened a civilian practice in Neurology, Sleep Disorders, and Traumatic Brain Injury in Honolulu and Hilo. Dense array EEG (DEEG) is a technique whereby signals generated by thinking are evaluated to determine the health of the brain.

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How Does DEEG Work?

The sounds of your thinking brain are captured and displayed on a three-dimensional brain map. The captured signals can detect and localize seizure foci four times more accurately than any existing non-invasive technique currently available in Hawaii. The DEEG is also being applied to localize traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury.

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Latest News

We have the DEEG machine at our Hilo location, and we have offices in Honolulu, Hilo, and Kona. Most insurances will cover the cost of airfare to Hilo and we accept patients by referral from their primary care providers. We accept all insurances except for Kaiser.

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